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John Toth Engineering provides professional engineering services across a broad range of mechanical, electrical, and optical products and equipment in both industrial and marine application settings. We offer experience with design, high tolerance machining, test and evaluation, product qualifications, installations, and expert assessments of commercial and custom purpose industrial and maritime equipment and machinery.

We perform business and market assessments for the introduction of new products and equipment, strategic planning, business plan and business case evaluation, technical proposals, product costing, management evaluation, and productivity consulting.

We provide consulting and testimony in legal cases requiring the services of a mechanical engineering expert or marine engineering expert.

John R. Toth, P.E. is a senior consulting engineer with 20 years of professional, industrial, and marine based custom product engineering experience in mechanical, electro-mechanical, and optical engineering fields. Experience includes product design, research & development, technical program management, engineering management, and business management.

Application areas are:

Underwater equipment and materials
Fiber optics
High-tension cables
Machine design
Tool & die
Theme park equipment, amusement rides
Fracture mechanics involving concrete and rock

Application industries include defense, capital equipment, theme park, and underwater products.

Call us at 407-614-2061 for an assessment of your engineering need.

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